WorkFare #3 – Just A Bit About Me Now

OK, I intend to go back to my earlier posts (at the last look, Tesco have answered me a couple of times and with that, have took a long pace backwards from Workfare while Grayling hasn’t replied) in the next day or two.  However, despite not replying to me, it appears Grayling did spit a reply at me.

Grayling, a man of dubious expenses history – – and dubious honour, decided to go for broke today.  Not content with his “job snob” soundbite that obviously fell flat on its face earlier in the week, he set out for another smear today.

Apparently, we many, spread far and wide across the country, who are opposing social injustice whether it be Lansley’s attempts to kill us or Grayling’s attempts to starve out and destroy any quality of life on poor people and people with disabilities, are not doing so out of moral outrage.

We are not doing it out of a collective sentiment that seeks to support our fellow man in need.

We are not doing it out of any noble motive whatsoever.  No, really. 

Every single one of us, Grayling knows.  We are all in a shadowy cabal, a source of rabble-rousing on behalf of…

The Socialist Worker Party

Yes, you read that correctly.  Rather than address the points that the non-SWP Sainsbury, Poundland, Tesco et alia brought to public attention this week in the face of sizable opposition to slave labour, Grayling went for the time-honoured response of blaming some mythical reds.

The man has however realised that in this country, there is a distinct absence of a left-wing bogeyman.  Orwell gave him the lead in Animal Farm but with no substantial left-wing in this country, it’s a bit hollow to shout “surely there is no one among you who wants to see Jones come back?” when no-one has seen anything vaguely resembling a “Jones” in over thirty years.

Yet devoid of argument, without substance to back up his rudimentary defence (Channel 4 – presumably sponsored by the SWP – has gone as far as putting him to the “fact or fiction” test – and he’s up there with The Gruffalo for fiction) and with little to back him up save for his inflated ego and an increasingly-under-fire boss, he went for the smear, the painful, heavy-handed, unjustifiable smear, that the social campaigners who have shown this self-appointed emperor of his new clothes are all part of a tiny splinter of the political framework of the UK.

He had no-one else to pick on.  Heaven help him, he needed to insult and he had to go to the web to see which “revolutionary” organisation he could pick on that would make him look least a fool.  The man is such a fool that he persisted with the idea.

So, my SWP credentials.  I’ve never been in the SWP, don’t know where they hold their meetings and in all honesty, don’t fit into their ethos.  I’m not easily pigeon-holed as I’m not a slave to party politics, let alone a slave to DWP/A4e.  I see it and I call it.  I don’t need to be led because the animated free will and background I have means I am not a sheep, slavishly adhering to the media manipulation that slowly but surely, our protests are starting to either turn around or smash completely.

Of course, Grayling has henchmen, and Sarah Teather was wheeled out for a bit of support for the government line this evening.  Poor Liberal Democrats, forever on the fringes with wonderful public-spirited policies, now in power, hawking 30s-style Fascism and saying “we’ve seen the books and slavery’s the best for you, you know?  We’ll euthanise the sicker ones, it’ll be great”.  Teather called us “Liberal elite”.  Teather presumably classing herself as “Liberal not-elite”.

I don’t see how I’m Liberal elite.  I don’t know what it means for one – it’s the verbiage of the party politician talking their own Commons bubblespeak when we’re out in the real world acting on evidence and protesting against single issues.  I don’t see how that’s a political agenda, but if she wants to explain it, I’ll be happy to listen.

You see, I’m what she would call “council estate scum”.  I was brought up in a house that was condemned, moved in short term with grandparents, moved on to a forty-feet high slum for 5 years that wasn’t fit for human habitation and then at the age of ten, finally got my own bedroom in a breezeblock and pebbledashed council home.  Mum and Dad are there still, in their 70s, a former semi-skilled printer and a bookbinder who ended up working three jobs, one in care work in the public sector and as a contracted cleaner in the other two.  I went to a sink estate primary school that was eventually razed to the ground by vandals.  I did develop there – a reading age of fourteen at the age of six and at eleven, passing interview for a secondary school with no catchment area.  I had a great education, school was meat and drink to me and despite changes in priority as I aged, I managed a modest degree that should have been better. 

I returned to my home town after graduation, never really left in fact, and in the height of recession found myself at home with a father who had been forgotten and scrapped by the government of the day, a brother whose construction skills were not in demand as no-one was building and me, a graduate that no-one wanted.  Thatcher did for us all.  Mum worked on because like it or not, people still needed care and offices still got dirty.

It’s a different story now – Mum and Dad are retired but are fearful of any major decision on the home because of the society that now allows hawkers to attempt to prey on the vulnerable.  They aren’t stupid – they as a rule refer to me because I have the nose for a scam.  My brother isn’t in an ideal situation but despite the general ups and downs of a routine private life within, he finds steady albeit not unrelenting work – he gets to earn now.  Me?  Ever one for the quiet life, I now find that isn’t an option.

I’m a natural sceptic but at the same time, everyone starts with an “A”.  Your subsequent actions will affect that but that’s all down to you.  I believe in structure, education and training – work to a framework, give people the tools and skills for the job.  However, I also believe in fairness above all.  I will not see someone suffer because of injustice and target that I might be, I will be the head above the parapet shouting “NO!” at the top of my voice.  I have a disability but through exemplary ongoing management through any number of experts in a collective unit of the NHS, I have a pretty good quality of life to the point that I am, barring considerations I need to make and do daily, “well”.  I have a job that doesn’t appreciate me and with that, I don’t appreciate but it just about covers expenses and there is rewarding work within the same but which is in a niche I had to find myself.  I have a family, disability notwithstanding and I am inordinately proud of how my kids are turning out as it is a reflection that their mother and I are doing it right.

Now, Workfare is simply unjust.  I am not some “Liberal elite” member.  I am not a member of any political party and I have my own independent thought.  I did it all without you, Grayling, and given I have never met you and you do not know my name nor the name of my extended family, I don’t think you’re in a position to deride or smear me or let your attack dog off her “teather” (sic) to try and do the same.

And if you can’t do that to me, I doubt you can do it for the other thousands who are in the same position.  In your government of Christians (have a word with the boss or Pickles, it’s apparently so), you might remember the words of Christian author C S Lewis – “I tell no one any story but his own”.  I’d suggest you learn to do that.  Tell us about your failings, don’t make up what you think are failings for me, you fantasist.  I face factual discrimination daily – why you think I’d bow to your illucid, fictional rants I don’t know but I don’t think I’m alone in mocking your desperation.

Don’t second guess the British public.  Don’t lie about them to fit your own specious end.  One day you may have to sit among us and be accountable, out of your Commons bubble.  All the half-witted abuse in the world isn’t going to help you then.


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