Routine Lost

It’s been a month.  I’ve been a bit bent out of shape as my routine has took a couple of administrative whacks.

Normal service to resume shortly but I have to add this.

Grayling never answered over Workfare.  I’m going to assume that he thought I was trying to hack his account, that he didn’t like me because I reminded him of Polly Toynbee and that he doesn’t respond to anyone who will call him for being the hypocritical bullying despot that he is because his response will be nothing save for personal abuse.

He would kill us all and dance on our corpses.  I assume his life is missing something of radical importance or someone did such a number on him when he was smaller that he wants to make us all suffer.

See, that response over his closeted misery and hatred is far more refined than his Socialist Worker and Polly Toynbee bigotry and nonsense.


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