“Statistically Improbable”

This is short one.

Statistics rarely throw up an “impossible”.  You merely have an “extremely improbable”.

Now, consider this.  There are four high profile disability campaigner/bloggers who I follow on the web.  Three use wheelchairs, one campaigns essentially through their family circumstances.  This oversimplifies the matter and for that I apologise but it is sufficient for them to be able to identify themselves.  Their work is exemplary, an education to read and digest and not only a source of wisdom, but of wit also.

Now, in the last month or so, be it the Paralympic honeymoon period that non-disabled people had or the increased effects of substantial campaigning on disability-related issues, but these four campaigners suddenly have the stage, front and centre and are more publicly showing themselves to be a thorn in the powers-that-be’s side.  Dispatches, even the increasingly Squealer BBC to the Napoleon of government put out a Panorama that didn’t do the Eton Mess of government too many favours.  The tide of anti-disability sentiment is suddenly spotlighted and it’s making for uncomfortable feelings in rarified circles.  And the pressure continues.

And then suddenly, all four find themselves under attack on blogs, Twitter, they find themselves being stalked, reviled, abused and their young family even been thrown into the mix.

Statistically, this is extremely improbable.  Nuisance to government and increased personal attacks.  There appears to be a correlation.  It isn’t “impossible”, statistically it cannot be,of course.  Merely “extremely improbable”. 

I don’t believe in conspiracy and I don’t believe in coincidence.  I do believe there’s a smear afoot.  Draw your own conclusions, I’m reconciled with mine.


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  1. Sam Barnett-Cormack on

    On the other hand, never ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity… but it is certainly suspicious…

    • OstendGudgeon on

      Very true, Sam. I could accept unrelated stupidity over time but these attacks are practically falling over each other. I’ve also recently found myself seeing the reverse – people I have considered to be beyond their intellect making up the shortfall with malice. That if anything is far more sinister. But I digress…

  2. lfbarfe on

    I have knowledge of only one of the above situations, and in that case, the ‘attacks’ are merely disagreement. I know plenty of disabled people who have disagreed with this particular campaigner, and been blocked. Are they part of an anti-disabled conspiracy?

    • OstendGudgeon on

      One, fine. People disagree. Four at the same time? Given what I’ve seen and been through offline as well? No, doesn’t happen. I am also aware of who you are (although it took a few minutes) and to whom you are referring (which I then worked out by induction). I suggest you spend your time not following these mentions around and ploughing into every source you can find. I’ve blocked you on one. I am quite happy to bin everything else you ever do and then forget about you forever right after.

  3. Hum imlam on

    Is this blog entry part of a larger conspiracy though?

    • OstendGudgeon on

      I think I said I don’t believe in conspiracy. Please don’t insinuate the word into this. I work on observation of empirical evidence and should you wish to argue with the premise that attitudes are hardening against disability, then by all means do so but do it in wider society. Argue with the numbers polled by various charities and support groups, provide your own evidence and take them on but don’t try and smear me with “conspiracy” on a quiet backwater of a rarely-visited blog. At that point you only serve to exemplify the problem.

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