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David Cameron – Child Abuser

Yes, the title is a bit “sensationalist” but I think it’s merited today since the shiny-faced buffoon took time away from his 5 year plan of stuffing his face to use my children (and everyone else’s) as a an attempted tug on the heartstrings.

Let’s just recap.

This is a man who will stop at nothing for a photo shoot, be it a shot of his best side beside a war grave or a staged “family man” shot of him with his own disabled son.

This is a man who, when going to the pub for an afternoon, rather than leave something of transient value like an umbrella behind, he left his irreplaceable daughter.

He has used one child (sadly no longer with us) in an opportunistic photo shoot while completely forgetting another, which, were he Mick (not Michael) Philpott, would see him strung up. However, the forgiving of the wealthy for matters that would see others hock-deep in social workers is not the drift of this article.

That the man has form for using and abusing his children is. And today, he told you that

“”How can it possibly be right for our children’s education to be disrupted by trade unions acting in that way? It is time to legislate and it will be in the Conservative manifesto.”

Excuse me, Eton?  “Our children”?  Given the frankly terrifying and stultifying failure of a human being you have as Education Minister, do not ever lump my children in with yours.  Unlike you, I underwent the best state education that money does not need to buy; sadly, my children will not get the same privilege as I was educated when the class gap in society was at its narrowest.  I was educated to degree level on the state’s penny and would not have had that education had I had to pay for it as you do now.  The problem there is too many uppity paupers were becoming literate, and that just wouldn’t do.  We had grammar school Prime Ministers.  No, really, we did.

My children’s education will not suffer because of the industrial action of dedicated citizens who perform the sterling role of nurturing them throughout their formative years.  It will suffer, however, from the tinkering of no end of self-serving political ideologues trying to drive the profession, nay the vocation, into the ground.

It will suffer if they grow up in a society where, when the mistreated come up against injustice and respond democratically, peaceably and as a group of people with similar interests in their vocation – a union, if you will – they are prevented from using the protest most apposite because of increasing obstacles put in place by undemocratically elected mandarins.

Cameron is a thug.  Unhappy with ballot results, he now intends to impose riders on ballots which are not his concern because they make him look bad, because they are the will of the nation’s citizens and let’s face it, he does not give two figs for the will of the nation’s citizens unless they vote for him.

Essentially, he intends to disavow my vote.  He’ll maintain his own position despite his government being propped up by only one in five of the electorate.  It’s worse again for the city mayors and the police and crime commissioners.  However, as a poor man being made poorer, if I wish to register a protest, he will ignore the basis of the first-past-the-post system that is used across the board in UK elections to the point that two-thirds of the parliament you get to choose once every five years will not change because those seats are termed “safe”.

Seems Ol’ Shiny-Face doesn’t like an electoral machine he doesn’t control; so now he wants to control it.  This is despite the electoral impossibility that a union ballot already is.   I had no personal opinion towards the man other than I would not trust him with my kids before but I actively despise him now – that he derides my right to protest and removes my access to the one democratic process I have earmarks him as the vermin Nye Bevan referred to over 60 years ago.

If he wants a turnout in a union ballot, then I challenge you, you dish-faced thug, to reinstitute workplace ballots.  I’ll get you a 90% turnout, no bother.  You won’t do that, though, because that gives people direct access to democracy.

The fact is, Eton, you want to remove the right to strike by putting so many blocks in the way that it is impossible to strike.  That’s mirrored in this quote

“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”

You know who said that?  Hitler.  He wasn’t exactly pro-strike either.

My children’s education will only ever be disrupted by the likes of you removing their future right to peaceful protest, removing their voice, removing their liberty to the point that they are enslaved by your privileged cant and are not given the opportunity to think and express freely.

If you wanted to obviate a strike of one, two, three million workers, there’s a way you could do it.  But as you want force primary legislation like some sort of societal rapist, I don’t think negotiating with the very people on whom you wish to impose your will isn’t going to cut it, is it, Eton?

My children’s education isn’t threatened by the teachers who are doing a sterling job in spite of you.  It’s threatened by you as you continue to ask for more for less and wonder why it’s all going wrong when no-one is motivated to do it any more.

I will ensure that their education doesn’t falter in that respect – you are the enemy of the state, of the children, of the education for which you claim to speak.