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EU referendum bias at university

The Daily Mail decided it wanted to subvert universities by smoking out “behaviour” that it considers to be “UnBritish” and offered a free line of email** for “patriots” to weasel in their jaundiced, pointing fingers – denunciation, Orwell-style, and a free rein to land all sorts of accusations on people simply out of malice: hey, the Mail will run with it, that’s what it does.

** if you fancy it

So I briefly wrote to the Mail.  I doubt they’ll read more than a line or two…


I write to you over your call to arms to rid the UK of the viper’s nest of individuals who have the temerity to think for themselves and not subscribe to the will of the people.

For far too long, the UK has had an obsession with people objecting to things that they dislike or consider wrong and then demonstrating or opposing it and it is down to right-minded people such as yourselves, staunch supporters of the Austrian Nationalist Chancellor of Germany in the ’30s, to clearly weed out these subversives and intern them in some poorly-maintained camp until they see the error of their ways or they die, whichever comes first.

As a graduate who sees universities daily, I can sincerely point out that when at University, the European Union was still the European Economic Community and had only 12 members, which suggests they’ve been adding them on since in what I can only consider an attack on sovereignty. Also, as a language graduate, I recall the talk of expansion as an opportunity – some say that this was because I was studying the two languages of newly-accessing states but that all seems very convenient.

Current universities, meanwhile, appear to be awash with people who may or may not be British, who are paying £9000 a year when I went for free, and they’re clearly paying the fee of a cult to be indoctrinated in lectures where I am not allowed to attend unless I pay £9000 also.

Some would say your approach is Fascist, in the vein of witch-hunting, even. Well, what’s wrong with that? You’ve been consistent in that approach for at least 80 years, why stop now?


A person


They might not view me as a person.  Can’t say their opinion matters to me.